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3 things to look out for in new apartments in Melbourne

3 things to look out for in new apartments in Melbourne

New apartments in Melbourne are constantly popping up due to the huge property boom the city has experienced in recent years, alongside a number of other major cities in Australia. This is likely due to high amounts of foreign investment which has turned the Australian real estate market into a global fight for the best investments possible. Consequently, new apartments in Melbourne are regularly being built to make the most out of the huge profits that can result from the selling of said properties. Getting into the real estate game requires a high amount of initial capital, but it can be very fruitful for the investor. However, there are definitely things to look out for in these properties which will help to determine whether or not these properties are worth investing into and if they are good properties in the first place and if they are well built, well designed and if they will even sell well.

Here are 3 things to look out for in new apartments in Melbourne.


Undoubtedly, one of the most important things to look out for in new apartments in Melbourne is where it is located. The location can easily help to determine the value of the apartment by a huge margin. The location of a property can determine if it is desirable as it must be close to shops, public transport and even business and work opportunities to make it so. Even aspects such as school catchments and proximity to educational facilities such as universities can help make the property more desirable to different demographics. As such, new apartments in Melbourne must have a good location to ensure that they are of value to potential buyers who will definitely look at the location before buying.

Building amenities

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Building amenities can also help to determine the value of new apartments in Melbourne. These would be things such as a pool, sauna, gym and so on. All of these can definitely add value to new apartments in Melbourne as it adds convenience and added benefits for any potential buyers. Having a gym and/or a pool and sauna makes the property much more desirable for anyone and can bump the price up of a property with ease. Usually, you will see these types of amenities within more luxurious properties where it is aimed at an upper class demographic. Furthermore, these amenities should be well upkept to maintain the air of class and sophistication and to ensure that these facilities are of a high quality.

Interior design

New apartments in Melbourne will have an interior design which will be scrutinized by any potential buyers. Usually, new apartments in Melbourne will have a contemporary and modernist design such as plain white colours, as goes the minimalist trends of today. These types of interior designs are currently favoured and are highly desired over the traditional designs with more colour. Currently, minimalist designs allow for the maintenance of a sophisticated style which shows that the property is newly built and is of a high quality. For this reason, it is important to choose a property with a minimalist interior design in order to sell it at a high value and to generate interest in the first place.

Overall, new apartments in Melbourne are constantly being built, and there are definitely some things to look out for to ensure that they are worth investing into. These would include aspects such as the location, the building amenities and the interior design. Looking at all of these is important for new apartments in Melbourne to ensure a return on investment.