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5 of the Most Common Matters Handled by Criminal Lawyers in Sydney


There are many matters where a criminal lawyer in Sydney specialize in dealing with. Here are five of the most common:

Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)

An apprehended violence order (AVO) is issued by the court in order to defend a person who has a justifiable fear of violence, intimidation or harassment from a certain other person. AVOs are also known as ‘restraining orders’. They are typically issued in domestic or family violence cases. An AVO is not a charge; it is an order which places restrictions on the perpetrator’s behaviour in order to keep the victim safe.

A person can apply for an AVO privately or through the police. Criminal lawyers in Sydney can provide individuals with legal advice on AVOs and can defend a person in court if necessary.


Armed robbery

Armed robbery is an offence that occurs when a person who is armed with a weapon or offensive instrument, or is in the company of a person who is, steals or assaults a person. It involves:

  • The intent to rob
  • A degree of force of threat which causes fear
  • The act of stealing
  • The offender being armed with a dangerous instrument or weapon.

The penalties of an armed robbery conviction can be very serious. As such, it is important to get legal counselling from criminal lawyers in Sydney.


Police records


A police record is a formal record of previous offences that a person has been convicted of after being found guilty of an offence. A person may have more than one record if they have been convicted in multiple states.

A police record may affect a person’s ability to become employed, volunteer, work with children, get an overseas visa or to buy or rent a home, as many places conduct background checks.

Criminal lawyers in Sydney can help advise you on the status of your police record and may be able to help clear your record through the process of expungement. Expungement involves removing an offence from a person’s police record. Not all convictions can be expunged, though some can.


Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking refers to the illegal trade of cultivating, manufacturing, distributing and selling illicit substances (those which are subject to prohibitive regulations). Being charged with drug trafficking is a serious offence – in some countries it even holds a death penalty. In Australia, a person convicted of drug trafficking could be given anything from a fine to a prison sentence.

The penalty depends on factors such as how much of the drug is involved and whether the drug was possessed or supplied. Supply of drugs is typically considered more serious than possession and may lead to a more serious charge. Those who have been charged with drug trafficking should seek legal advice from criminal lawyers in Sydney.


Tax fraud

Tax fraud is a serious federal offence that may result in fines or imprisonment. It typically involves:

  • Obtaining a financial advantage through deception (such as lying to a government entity or the Australian Taxation Office)
  • Conspiring to defraud (when two or more people conspire to gain a financial advantage for a third party by deception).

People who have been charged with tax fraud should seek assistance from criminal lawyers in Sydney for the best chance at a lesser penalty.



Criminal lawyers in Sydney are experienced at helping those who have been convicted of a charge during their time of need. Through their professionalism and expertise they can provide clients with peace of mind in knowing that their matter is being handled in the most appropriate way.