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6 Popular Free Internet Calling Apps for Android Phones

Internet calling is a boon for each and every one living in this world. It is not only very convenient, easy and free it is something to appreciate tremendously. In the past, people use to not be able to talk or see their close family and friend, but now with this boon of a gadget, you are not only able to talk to your loved ones living overseas but you are now able to see them as well. Internet calling has surely made the worlds small and families come closer than ever. Let us check some free internet calling apps for android phones.

  • WhatsApp – this app is commonly and widely used by many around the globe. As a matter of fact, it is quite clear and efficient at the same time. However, this calling app is ban is most of the UAE. So, if you need to call someone there you will have to use a different app.
  • imo – now this does work in the UAE, so you can use this app for calling your loved ones living there. Their network system is good and clear and this can be used for calling in other countries as well.
  • Skype – is another popularly used app for making internet calls or video calls. The app again is quite stable and a good one at the same time.
  • Google Hangouts – this is used by many for business calling as well as can be used for personal calling requirements. It’s a reliable source and the clear communication is possible with this app on your android phones.
  • Viber Messenger – this is another free and very reliable app for internet calling requirements. Easy to use and voice quality is excellent at the same time.

These were a few apps that you could use for your internet calling needs and all of these can be easily downloaded on your android phones.