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Amazing Supermarket Websites that May Inspire You

Your design career may someday require you to give out brilliant layouts and ideas for the client that wants a cool website encouraging his supermarket strings. Here, we provided a list of sites that will certainly inspire you and pour you with the required knowledge you need to create fascinating supermarket websites.

  • Walgreens

They top the list for a major reason. Walgreens are believed to have a great, creative and a hardworking team working behind for their website. Be it the navigation, buttons, font choices and more, it just all seem to complement each other. Also don’t forget to check the homepage with its product slider.

  • Target

Target mostly showcases the major headlines regarding their store’s incredible branding. Their website too is classic, elegant and simple.

  • Wegmans

Something is quite appealing about this website and you have to check for yourself to find out what is. It is either their twitter feed or the list of drop down in its main navigation.

  • Fresh and Easy

It is actually what it says. You will love the overall mixture of dark greens and bright look. That’s the colour of the company and they are absolutely staying true to it. Moreover, the product review cannot be avoided as it is displayed quite evidently.

  • Whole Foods Markets

The elements of this website are going well too, as they are incredibly intact, with beautiful coordination and spacing.

  • H.E.B

Another elegant and subtle design to gain ideas from, as the website of HEB supermarket is sharp and sleek along with decent hints of freshness and uniqueness.

  • Safeway

Safeway is really safe with its choices and is not ‘in the face’ of a consumer. Their colour scheme with dark reds and browns may seem intimidating but the usage of its icons and fonts have been done quite professionally and flawlessly.

  • Kroger

This one comes across as quite stylish and you’d get many innovative thoughts after going through this website. It has played really well with the fades and blues combination.

  • Win Dixie

This one is quite traditional in its approach and may appeal to few if not many.

  • Foodzie

This supermarket website is impeccable and stands out as its watercolour background, beautiful typography and custom icons screams ‘Amazing’.

  • Lava Lake Lamb

A supermarket like this has a straightforward approach and is simple in its appearance, as many a time’s simplicity works. There are some amazing photographs on the site to look forward to.

  • Save Mart Supermarkets

Even though it gives out loads of content, it is still organised in a great manner. Everything from locations, coupons, recipes and store specials are showcased which is presented logically and wisely.

  • Trader Joe’s

This supermarket too is leaving no stones unturned to gain their customers attention and they are doing a pretty great job. Its grungy splashes, custom icons and handwritten elements are impeccable along with their flash header which is filled with cool animations.

So go through them and choose wisely, know the differences among these few but great supermarket websites and choose what works for you best.