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Attractive Features of a Koru Necklace for Shoppers

Attractive Features of a Koru Necklace for Shoppers

The koru necklace is a special pendant that has become more mainstream over the past decade or two. While it has been a mainstay in ancient cultures across New Zealand and other parts of the world, Australian buyers are starting to gravitate to these designs as a matter of course.

Not every designer manages to introduce pieces that provide this level of intrigue and passion. From the delight of the jade colour tones to the texture and intricate weaving of shapes, this is a cherished asset for many people across the globe.

We will outline some of the best features that draw in more attention from the public for these goods.

Symbolic Value

There is no doubt that the Koru necklace remains one of the most sought after and valued native jewellery pieces on the market. For the Maori culture in New Zealand, the name Koru translates to the unfurling of the fern frond for New Zealand’s silver fern. It represents new life, a fresh start, rebirth and new beginnings. Individuals will often gift or pass down these collections as they offer spiritual qualities as well, symbolising awakening, tranquility and growth. It is a special carving that carries hundreds of years of tradition rather than just being another item of choice from a retailer.

Specific Material Options

The good news for participants that are on the lookout for a Koru necklace is that they will have a couple of different material options at their disposal. There will be the authentically crafted bone carvings that are designed or inspired in part by the ancient Maori culture. Then there will be the jade or pounamu material that is lighter in comparison but provides another special kind of texture for the consumer.

Customisable Colours

Koru necklace
Close up of maori carved greenstone jade pendant with woven kite bag and wooden mere against white background

The aesthetic beauty of a koru necklace really does speak for itself. With glistening green jade colours that sparkle to the soft black designs and off-white creations crafted out of bone, consumers will be able to shortlist particular colours and tones that are suitable for their needs. There are no right or wrong answers for shoppers so long as they get to see a wide variety of colour selections that really speak to their tastes and interests.

Widely Sold & Supplied

These necklace designs will be commonly found around stores in New Zealand. However, for those who are not in the country and are looking for options overseas, they will be pleased to know that there are online distributors who have stock supplies on hand. This gives participants a chance to survey the market more widely and ensure that they pinpoint the right colour, the right size and the right materials for the best packaged deal possible. There is no need to settle for second best with a koru necklace.

Affordable Brand Item

Shoppers recognise that really intricate and valuable jewellery pieces are not necessarily the cheapest of goods to purchase. Thankfully a pendant in the form of a koru necklace won’t always be set at a premium price. Given the diversity of sellers in the market and the potential for online deals, consumers should be able to pinpoint a bargain that won’t set them far back financially.

Unique Gift Choice

So many shoppers who go on the hunt for jewellery options are often left somewhat underwhelmed or disappointed by what they find. There are so many generic brands and styles out there, it is hard to identify pieces that really speak to people. This is where a Koru necklace will help individuals to stand out from the crowd and to give participants a unique gift choice that really delights.