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Business VOIP

Our Business VoIP Solution

For your business to run smoothly, you need top-notch tools for communication and collaboration. TDS , managedIP Hosted is a Unified Communications (UC) solution that combines your Internet, phone and mobile applications to save you money and improve collaboration. With managedIP Hosted, your business can take advantage of better call handling, reliability, and local support, which means a better experience and value for your customers.

How is Business VoIP Phone Service different than Residential VoIP Phone Service?

Simpy put, QOS. QOS is an acronym for Quality of Service. Voice traffic is very sensitive to delays, unlike email or web traffic. As a result, VoIP needs to be prioritized over the other types of traffic on your internet connection. The only way to effectively prioritize this traffic is to have prioritization of voice traffic on both ends of the most contended resource, your internet connection. This requires two expenses, which are generally not practical for residential consumers.

QOS Capable Router
Dedicated Internet Connection

As a result, residential consumers use VoIP and simply tolerate the unreliable quality, giving VoIP a bad reputation generally. Businesses are in a distinctly different position in terms of resources available for communications, as well as requirements for quality.