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Designer Specs Can Change Your Life

As this article about designer glasses starts, it’s important to remember that whether you have 20:20 vision, are short sighted or long sighted there are important life lessons to be taken from the words below. You should soak them up as you do the words of your most trusted ally on this planet whether that be your husband, wife, child, brother, sister or a book with legends of time gone by. These words about designer glasses will and should be imprinted in your life for as long as you live.

Designer glasses will change your life forever. There is no doubt about it. You may have grown up thinking wearing glasses is geeky. That the big oversized glasses you saw on children looked ridiculous. Well, you were right and because of those bad days, where nothing fit properly, clothes included, designer glasses have become more popular than ever.

But how can they help you?


To see

glasses older men

An obvious one, maybe, but it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when people think about designer glasses. While not only offering you the best of the best in fashion accessory, these specs can help with any vision related problem you have. Getting your eyes tested by an optician is the first port of call and once that is done you can have your spectacles altered in such a way that they help you see long or short distances whichever you need. Just be sure to remind the optician of the worth of your glasses. You don’t want any mishaps ending with damaged shades and an unwanted lawsuit.


To be seen

Another obvious one but it has to be said, designer glasses will get you noticed. Walking down the street, shopping for vegetables, sitting at your desk will no longer be tasks that you can complete easily and quickly. The days of doing things on your own time will be a thing of the past. You will be a slave to the people. Your designer glasses will ensure you are always the centre of attention. You will be stopped as you stroll down a quiet country road, as you choose whether you want a green or yellow capsicum or as you save that excel file at work. It will annoy you, but you must understand where these people are coming from. They want to know everything about the spectacles on your face and you secretly want to tell them. You surprise yourself with the level of detail you go in to every single time but it’s worth it to see the looks on their faces.


Conversation starter

Designer glasses are one of the best conversation starters out there. With friends, colleagues or people you have just met you, these spectacles will be noticed. People may try to hold back, and act reserved but it can be nigh on impossible when faced with these beautiful specs looking straight back at you. Before you know it, you’ll be discussing price, frames, colours, designs and weight. You’ll have spoken in more detail to a stranger about eyewear than you have done to anyone else in years.

With your pair resting on your nose, you’ll become increasingly aware of people you meet wearing shades of similar quality. You like to be asked about yours whether it’s by strangers or otherwise, so more and more of your everyday conversations will revolve around the immaculate moon shaped spectacles resting on your nose and whatever creating is resting on the face of your counterpart. Get used to these changes in your life because so long as you’re wearing those specs, your day to day will never be the same again.