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Finding Affordable Wedding Photography in Sydney

Wedding photography in Sydney can be one of the most costly aspects of your big day so understandably finding affordable options is a priority for many bride and grooms to be. If you’re struggling with finding an affordable vendor then read our tips below on finding the best deals to save you money when it comes to wedding photography in Sydney.


Do your research

It’s worth it to look around and get familiar with the options you have available for photographers in the city. Everyone has their own unique style, service offerings and experience. Check out At Dusk and other wedding photography companies for their portfolio’s online, reach out and ask any questions, and speak to a few photographers whose work speaks to you as this will help you to make a decision. After all is said and done and the day is over, all you will have left is the memories captured on the day – so it’s important to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with. Cost is an important factor, but definitely shouldn’t be the only factor in making this decision. You should balance cost considerations with your own preferences for style and find someone with the appropriate level of experience, you get what you pay for with wedding photography in Sydney, so don’t risk a poor outcome to save some dollars!

Make sure you check out reviews online, and ask for examples of past work as well. It’s important to get a sense of what kind of experience past clients have had. If they can provide references that is even better, reach out and ask them some in-depth questions. It’s always worth getting cost comparisons from artists with similar experience, this should help you to get an understanding of what a fair price is. Many providers of wedding photography in Sydney like At Dusk are very upfront about their costs and will display them on their websites, or happily advise a cost on request. If you’re unsure, just ask!


Consider getting married ‘off-season’

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A great way to get affordable prices for wedding photography in At Dusk is to plan your big day off-season. Peak season for wedding photography in Sydney is during the summer and spring months, winter and autumn tend to be a bit quieter as people try to avoid the colder weather. The city is beautiful at any time of year however, and for many who don’t mind a potentially cooler day, the cost savings can be very attractive. Most vendors and even some venues will lower the costs of their services quite a bit in the quieter months to ensure they have more work coming through the door.

Getting married in the off-season can have other perks, like cheaper flights for interstate family and more attendees as everyone won’t be away for summer break.

When it comes to wedding photography in Sydney it is possible to capture some amazing photo’s around the city in the cooler seasons. The autumn leaves around the city’s parks, or a rainy city backdrop can make for some amazing photo’s, so if you haven’t settled on a date consider getting married outside of peak season!


Keep a look out for deals

Vendors sometimes offer up deals in an effort to build up their portfolio, find new work or attract new clients. If you keep an eye out you might just get the chance to get lucky and find a great deal for a price reduction of their normal services, or some additional extras, like an engagement shoot. Follow them on their social media or check out their websites regularly to keep abreast of any potential offers.