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Five benefits of using smart timesheet applications-

Five benefits of using smart timesheet applications

If your company, business, or workplace is still using hard copy timesheets and hasn’t switched to a timesheet application, then that is a fair sign that they are being left behind.

Paper hard copy and long administrative hours in payroll are literally relics from another age in the modern workplace.

The time that both employees and employers spend filling out, lodging, and filing hard copy is time that can be much better spent in other areas which will improve your workplace and its profitability.

Here we take a quick look at the top five benefits of switching to a timesheet application. Take the five minutes to read through these quick steps and it could be the key to turning your workplace around.

1- Streamline your payroll processes-

Whether you have a payroll department of one, that being you, or literally dozens of staff attending to payroll duties across the spectrum of your business structure, switching to a timesheet application is hands down the smartest way forward.

Not only will you reduce the hours and wages spent of payroll, a program like this allows you to gather more accurate data which is readily available at hand, meaning less chance of clerical errors.

2- Accuracy and transparency-

Timesheet applications

As a general rule, staff will tend to round up their hours worked or err on the side of caution and record hours that are more advantageous to them when backdating time sheets.

This can lead to unnecessary blow outs in wages budgets, as well lead to disputes in the workplace.

A timesheet application allows your staff to have their roster always at hand and to be able to fill it out with an accurate and indisputable time stamp.

3- Redirect hours into business growth-

Whether applying this rule to just yourself, or to your entire staff, the time formerly spent in timesheet admin can now be directed back into other areas of your business which will increase productivity and growth and that can only be a positive for both your staff and your clients, not to mention your own bottom dollar.

4- Track your staff locations-

If you have a mobile staff base, then by using a timesheet application, you will now be able to track their GPS location though the app, knowing where they are at any time of the day during work hours.

This will enable you to co-ordinate the logistics of field work a lot better when organic situations arise, as well as providing a useful tool for monitoring staff efficiency or compiling data which will assist you with navigating your team through areas such as peak hour traffic etc.

5- Reporting-

Whether your keeping an eye on weekly expenses or trying to pull together all the numbers for tax time or that big end of year report, a timesheet application will have all the data reports you need at the click of a button.

Not only is this a fast and efficient way to run your business, it is also a great way to reduce on storage space as well as protecting your businesses value confidential data in a cloud back up system.

These five tips here are just some of the many benefits that a timesheet application can have for your business.

If you are serious about business growth as well as keeping your staff paid accurately and on time, then there simply is no other way to go than with a timesheet application.

So don’t wait, have your team download your timesheet application today so you can all start cashing in on the benefits.