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Internet – Is it a Boon or a Curse?

The internet has changed lives off entire generations. Internet is easily available, accessible and affordable for people from all strata’s of society.  The internet has virtually all kinds of information on any topic in the world. This information is available at a click of a button for anyone who wishes to access it.

The greatest benefit of the internet is for helping students increase their knowledge. The internet helps the students gain benefits by exposing them to information and knowledge that would otherwise not be available to them so easily. This tool of learning makes education a joyful and enriching experience for the students. Along with education the internet is also an effective way of increasing communication .it has become very easy to get in contact with people from across the globe. This was not possible before the internet.

Social media connectivity is very useful and helpful not only for people wanting to increase their social circle but also for businesses as industries and businesses can coordinate and work with economies of different countries. Research and technology is also growing in leaps and bounds due to the internet. Many service providers work through the internet making it easy for people to do their work from the house itself. Internet banking services, payment of bills, filling and submission of forms are some ways of life becoming easy through the internet.

As for the internet being a curse there are also many factors.  Surfing the internet can be very addictive. People tend to forget the real world that they are living in and focus on an entire virtual reality world. This makes growth of the person very stunted and limits social interactions which are very important for the healthy development of a person .time is wasted on nonproductive activities that have no benefit on an individual’s personal growth.  Unsupervised access to the internet can lead to people indulging in gambling and other illegal activities.

As with any thing in the world even the internet has to be used with responsibility for it to benefit us instead of harming us.