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Meet the 4 Different Types of Hot Water Cylinders

Hot water cylinders are a marvel of modern engineering, allowing for perfectly heated H2O to be dispersed throughout homes, schools and workplaces alike. Gone are the days where wood fires and kettles had to be used to heat up our baths – all we have to do now is simply turn on a tap!

But did you know that there are many different kinds of hot water cylinders on the market? Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages which should be considered before making a purchase. Here they are:


Mains pressure

The newest and (arguably) one of the best H2O heating systems is the stainless steel mains pressure system.  This system has high H2O pressure which means shower pressure is increased (for a more enjoyable shower) and H2O takes less time to heat up throughout the whole building. The only drawback is that mains pressure can be expensive.


Low pressure

Low pressure hot water cylinders are a cost-effective option for those wanting good shower pressure without having to spend a huge amount of money. Unlike the name suggests, this stainless steel system provides medium H2O pressure, which makes it a worthy consideration.



Solar hot water cylinders are a great option for those wanting a cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally-friendly H2O heating system. They can reduce H2O heating energy consumption by a huge 70%! They are also highly versatile; they can be installed on a roof or at ground level both outdoors and indoors.



Gas H2O heating systems operate differently from regular ones – they only heat the H2O when you need it, rather than constantly heating and storing H2O. This makes it an energy efficient, cost saving option. Gas systems are perfect for buildings which are used irregularly, such as holiday homes.


Heat pumps

Heat pumps transfer the heat in the surrounding air to the H2O inside the unit in order to heat the H2O up. They work even in cold conditions (as low as -10 degrees Celsius!). Heat pumps are a highly energy efficient means of heating up your H2O; they use around 1/3 of the energy of an electric hot water cylinder! This can save you a lot of money and help preserve the environment at the same time. There may also be government rebates available for purchasing heat pumps.



Wetbacks are great at increasing warm H2O availability during the coldest months – they are a great option for those living in cold climates. They have extra connections attached so that they can use an external heat source (usually a firebox) to boost H2O heating. Using wood is also a relatively environmentally-friendly heating option as it is a renewable energy source.


Pool & spa

Pool and spa hot water cylinders are able to heat up even the biggest of pools and spas, allowing you to enjoy a nice swim no matter the season. They are available as both an indoor and an outdoor installation and can be used with a remote control if desired. They also feature a child-lock function to keep them safe from the kids.



For people with small properties, such as apartments or tiny houses, outdoor hot water cylinders are a great space-saving H2O heating option. They are designed to withstand the elements whilst providing reliable, efficient H2O heating throughout the property. They can also be paired with solar and/or heat pump connections, allowing for greater customisability and cost-saving options.



There are a range of H2O heating systems on offer to meet your unique needs. Contact a local service provider for more information.