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Ways to Build a Strong Instagram Following for your Business

Instagram can be an extremely useful tool for businesses to promote themselves on and gain a following of potential customers. However, using Instagram in a strategic and effective way can be quite difficult. It is not as simple as just making a business account and posting at whim, there are strategies and tactics behind successful Instagram campaigns.

There are a number of different strategies and methods being used by an expert SEO internet marketing company to build an Instagram following, each with their own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of ways you can build your businesses following and get the attention of potentially new customers.


But first, let’s take a look at the basics

Before we dive into the different approaches businesses can take towards Instagram, we need to highlight the basics and explain the features needed on any Instagram account, regardless of method.

Some of these basics include:

  • Active posting – your account must be posting actively if it is going to retain or grow its following. Your account must be responsive to customers, both in terms of likes, comments and direct messages.
  • Hashtags – hashtags help users find posts that are related to that they are looking for. Ensure you are using these effectively and strategically in your posts to help users find your content and increase your brand visibility.
  • Interlink other social media accounts. Ensure that users looking at your content on other sites will be able to find your Instagram account and vice a versa. You can do this by providing links in comments and bios of your profile; they will help make the customers experience more seamless.


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The quality posting approach

This approach to building Instagram influence is focused on gaining an organic following, centred on quality content. The followers you gain will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer and will often be a lot more engaged and loyal. This approach is however reliant wholly on your ability to continually provide not just good quality content that will keep users engaged, but unique content. It is also a lot slower than other methods, and may not fully maximize follower potential.


The influencer approach

This approach requires you and your company to build up a network of ‘influencers’ who can effectively promote your brand to a target audience. You should choose influencers who can capture the attention and following of consumers you wish to target.

Influencers can promote your brand in a number of ways; liking, sharing, reposting and/or building up an ongoing relationship are a few examples. This provides a quick way for your brand to directly engage with thousands of followers and potential customers.

This is by far one of the fastest ways to gain a larger following. One influencer can connect you with hundreds of potential new followers in a single post. However, it is not perfect. Many high profile and effective influencers will charge a high price for their service, or they may be busy promoting other products or even your competition.


The promotional approach

This method focuses on providing added incentives to Instagram users to remain or become active followers of your account. This means that you must be able to offer followers something of greater value than just content. This can include competitions, giveaways, exclusive discounts, sneak peaks or other promotions.

This approach is very reliable, if the offer is good for the consumer, then it will spread. However, this can come at cost to you as a business. Weighing up these two factors is the challenge and thus the key to a strong promotional Instagram strategy.