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What are the benefits of corporate flu vaccinations?

What are the benefits of corporate flu vaccinations?

As the year is gradually grinding to a close, most companies will start looking for means of rewarding and appreciating their employees. In addition to end-of-the-year bonuses, gifts, and parties, the employer can also look in the direction of corporate flu vaccine. 

Think of it, winter is upon us, and the flu (influenza) is out to send as many people as possible under the blanket where they will most likely be by themselves with a box of tissue and a pot of hot soup. Not a pleasant sight and experience.  You may not know it, but the flu has a great impact on the performance of your company or. How?

Think workplace flu vaccinations

Have you taken time to observe how more workers either resume late or call in sick in the cold season compared to the warm season? Imagine what it means to have between five to 10 staff away or absent over the course of a week with another 5 coming to work sick. If you can picture the scene vividly, you would understand how what people refer to as “simple flu” can impact your staff productivity, which will, in turn, impact your business performance.

It is for this reason that you should take proactive measures to keep the flu or any other disease away from your workplace. And, what other way to that than corporate flu vaccinations.

What are the benefits of corporate flu vaccinations?

Having understood the potential impact of flu on your business, you shouldn’t let a second go to waste before implementing corporate flu vaccinations programs. As you may already know, Influenza is highly contagious, and it can transfer from one person to another before the symptoms are noticed.

Suppose you are new to flu vaccinations or you are working on implementing one for the first time; corporate flu vaccinations involve getting a specialist immunization nurse or health practitioner to administer flu vaccines to your staff onsite. Contrary to popular misconceptions, corporate vaccinations are one of the easiest programs you can and should adapt to your business.

One of its numerous benefits is that it doesn’t take much out of staff working hours; it usually takes between 10 to 15 minutes out of the work time for an employee to get vaccinated, and the business gets to reap the benefits associated with employee health — less absenteeism and increased productivity + healthy and safe workplace.

What is included in the workplace or corporate flu vaccination programs?

Corporate flu vaccinations

If you thought corporate flu vaccinations are only about sticking needles into the arms on your staff, sorry to burst your bubble — you thought wrong. There is more to flu vaccination programs than inviting a nurse to your workplace. A typical corporate flu vaccination program should include the following as well;

1. A thoughtfully designed program management of your company’s vaccination campaign.

2. Custom marketing materials ( like professional posters) for your organization

3. An online booking system that is fitted with a reminder system to notify your staff about upcoming vaccinations

4. A “no charge for no shows”; this means you only pay the number of vaccinations done in a day. As such, you only pay for the number of staff that were vaccinated.

5. Provide hand-outs and other useful material where the participants can get more information about the vaccine and the benefits of flu shots.

That is not all

Last but not least, corporate flu vaccinations programs should also include an arrangement for off-site vaccinations by partnering with reputable and licensed clinics. In this case, you may tinker along purchasing corporate flu vouchers for your staff. That way, they get discounts on flu vaccinations whenever they use them — this option is ideal for big companies or those who have workers working remotely. That way, remote staff or those working at other branches of the company can get vaccinated wherever they are without having to converge at the same location at the same time.