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What Clients Want to See With a Tour of Newcastle Self-Storage Units

What Clients Want to See With a Tour of Newcastle Self-Storage Units

Home and business owners that are curious about Newcastle self-storage units will often decide to take a tour before agreeing any terms. As they scout the market for opportunities, there will be certain features that are high on the agenda to identify.

Plenty of Availability

Clients that are given a tour of Newcastle self-storage units will need to know first and foremost if the service provider happens to have enough units on display that are open and ready for business. These facilities can quickly allocate and fill up during seasonal periods and when potential disasters arise with bushfires, creating a need for contingency storage options to be utilised. So long as there are vacancies in place, then community members will be happy to look into the details with these placements.

Extensive Unit Size Options

Client Newcastle self storage

By their very nature, Newcastle self-storage units are compact and made for simple user convenience. With this being said, there are clients that will need more space than others or they are looking to only pay for the small amount of storage necessary to maintain their goods. From the compact 5m x 5m units that are made for modest collections all the way up to 15m x 15m units that offer support for vehicles and furniture sets, it is beneficial to see a wide range of options as the tour progresses.

Easy Entry & Exit Points

Participants that want to tap into Newcastle self-storage units will be delighted when they see that there are easy entry and exit points from the premises. This is especially the case for business owners and managers that have to use courier partners and outsourced parties to help maneuver stock. Yet the same principles apply for homeowners who want to know that they have access when they need to move their collections from point A to point B without interference.

Sufficient Security Parameters

One of the main reasons why constituents will use Newcastle self-storage units rather than invest in their own internal solution is to take advantage of the service provider’s extensive security features. From passcodes and fences to locks and surveillance cameras, clients will be happy with what they see during the tour if no expense is spared on the security provisions of the location. Once members know that their valuables are under lock and key 24 hours of the day, then they will have confidence to invest in their brand. 

No Lock-In Contracts

While clients will want their valuables locked in with Newcastle self-storage units, they don’t want the same principles applied for their service agreement. Constituents in the Hunter will have peace of mind with these packages when they know they have rolling terms to leverage, giving them the chance to pick and choose their storage requirements based on pricing and convenience. Circumstances might very well change over the course of their placement, so it is worthwhile finding specialists who allow individuals and enterprises to come and go without being limited by ongoing commitments.

Transparency Over Billing

Newcastle clients that use these practitioners want to know up front what the billing policy happens to be and whether or not their service is affordable. During the tour, it is always helpful to have a quote delivered, allowing participants to compare and contrast the brand against competitors in the region. Anyone should be able to obtain this information with a simple request or scan of their policies online.


Taking a tour of Newcastle self-storage units is a smart strategy to use for interested members. See what they have on display in real time and dig in on the information that will influence if their service hits all of the right markers.