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What Is an NDIS Plan Management

What Is an NDIS Plan Management?

NDIS which stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme, is an all-new and innovative way from the Australian government to provide support to their citizens with disabilities. Citizens aged under 65 who have permanent and serious disabilities will be offered to join the NDIS program.

Through NDIS, people with disabilities will have more freedom and choice in terms of the support and services that are available to fulfill their specific needs. The NDIS represents a shift away from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to a system in which individuals with disabilities have direct choice over the funds they receive.

The NDIS can help their members to have these benefits listed below:

  • Access health system and education system with full services and supports
  • Access community services with full supports
  • Get necessary and reasonable funding supports
  • And many more

Once you have applied for NDIS and it is accepted, you will need to manage your NDIS by using the NDIS plan management. What is NDIS plan management anyway? We unroll it for you in this article.

What Is the NDIS Management Plan?

NDIS plan management describes how your NDIS plan’s financing is handled. It’s critical to choose the correct kind of plan management among the many options available.

There is a monetary exchange that occurs each time you use your NDIS plan to access services or benefits. The NDIS mandates that all transactions made using your plan’s money must be monitored and reported for. It is up to you to decide who will be in charge of keeping track of your finances and ensuring that your service providers are paid.

This is done to ensure that all of the benefits in your account will only be used by you and for your importance only. This is also done to avoid any unauthorized use against your benefits. There are a lot of NDIS plan management types which you can choose from.


NDIS plan management

The NDIS provides a supervising service to their own NDIS plan management which calls with the agency. Most of the NDIS plans are managed in this way. All equipment or services you reserve via the NDIA will be paid for by the NDIA if your plan is handled by an agency.

If you have support coordination money in your NDIS plan, you may get assistance from a support coordinator hired by the NDIA or a local area coordinator employed by a third-party service provider. That means you don’t have to keep track of how much you’ve spent, but instead may concentrate on organizing and getting services.

This option’s biggest disadvantage is that it offers fewer customization options. Booking services must be done via an NDIS-registered provider, and all purchases, including consumables, must be approved by the NDIA first before you can enjoy it.


Self-managed NDIS plan management may be the way to go if you desire total command over your NDIS plan. It’s a viable option if you’re comfortable coordinating your own services, handling your own finances, and completing extensive documentation on time. Managing receipts, invoices, and service appointments will be a need if you want to self-manage your budget.

Certain sections of your plan may be accessed immediately. It is possible to seek reimbursement from the NDIA if you buy things that fall inside your consumables allowance. Service providers that aren’t listed with the NDIS may also be booked if you choose to do NDIS plan management on your own.

Maintaining detailed records and ensuring that the funds in your plan are used properly are your responsibilities. Service agreements may be necessary with your service providers before you can do your own NDIS plan management.

NDIS is a good program that can help people with disabilities in Australia (aged 65 and under) with the necessary funding and support that they need. NDIS will require you to have NDIS plan management which you can choose whether it is from an agency or self-managed.